Patreon Announcement! LIVE NOW!

*EDIT 4/1: Update to Tiers and Descriptions and How things work!
My patrons give suggestions on anime/gacha/game girls and I sketch them out! If there are no suggestions, I sketch out my own ideas instead. I even have a list of ideas if you want me to work on a specific one sooner!

From these sketches, I make 1-2 polls each month, letting the Patrons decide which one I finish to be a set for the month! Sometimes there are even all-month options that result in more than usual sets!!

Multiple art sets each month, based off of patron suggestions and votes!!! Please join in on the fun, support me, and get more art in return!! >u<

I will still post on [My Other Sites] but it won’t be during the same month that I am making them, always a month or two later. So that means Patrons get first dibs!
Patrons get HD versions while any other public version is always SD quality instead.
Patrons get uncensored versions while any other public version will have a black-panty censor. Even with the censor, the super-lewd versions are never uploaded elsewhere! Also Patrons even get lineart files of each set! Gotta love the crisp lines~

Please consider joining, so you can be apart of the process and choose what you want!