Patreon Announcement! LIVE NOW!

Each month I’ll be releasing 2 art sets! One is a Monthly Fanart and the other is a Monthly Bonus! Each chosen via polls and/or suggestions from my patrons =D

Come join me to get early access as well as exclusive access to versions not reposted anywhere else!
There are also suggestion boxes, which I pull from to create the polls you can vote on!
WIPs are shown along the way so you can see how the arts you voted for are coming along.
For the final image sets, get it in SD and HD, the linearts, and it’s always uncensored.

I hope you consider supporting me if you have enjoyed my arts thus far!
I will still post on deviantArt, FurAffinity, and Twitter – but they will be at a much later date than when they are released onto Patreon.

Please consider joining, so you can be apart of the process and choose what you want!