Hinata Strapped Down

Poll winner! I put out another poll for a sitting-bondage pose, and Hinata was the lucky gal~
Though if we are being honest here, she looks like she is quite into it ;D
I really enjoy the thick straps used on this one, the harness was really fun to design and went through a lot of alterations in the original sketch and I love the one I ended up with!

Extra versions voted for were the maid outfit and a ball gag~
Which I decided to spice up with holes in the gag and chin straps! Also made the maid outfit purple to match her style
I hope you all enjoy!

Tifa Strappado

Poll winner! My amazing followers voted and I drew the outcome~
Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy 7 Remake, in a bondage scenario!
Tifa won the character poll, and underwear and ballgag won the extra version polls!

I chose the strappado pose because she is so well known for her punches.
I hope you all enjoy the outcome! And look forward to more polls in the future~

Lake Night

Commission for a friend of mine of their FF14 character!
I even used a location in game for the background and lamp.
I really love how the pose, lighting, and background turned out!!

Maple Heart

YCH Commission of Maple, a leafeon gijinka!
She is so cute! I had a lot of fun with the dress, and the fur.
It isn’t often I do furries, so it was a fun time =D