Hinata Strapped Down

Poll winner! I put out another poll for a sitting-bondage pose, and Hinata was the lucky gal~
Though if we are being honest here, she looks like she is quite into it ;D
I really enjoy the thick straps used on this one, the harness was really fun to design and went through a lot of alterations in the original sketch and I love the one I ended up with!

Extra versions voted for were the maid outfit and a ball gag~
Which I decided to spice up with holes in the gag and chin straps! Also made the maid outfit purple to match her style
I hope you all enjoy!

Tifa Strappado

Poll winner! My amazing followers voted and I drew the outcome~
Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy 7 Remake, in a bondage scenario!
Tifa won the character poll, and underwear and ballgag won the extra version polls!

I chose the strappado pose because she is so well known for her punches.
I hope you all enjoy the outcome! And look forward to more polls in the future~

Hana Uzaki’s Christmas

Hana Uzaki from Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out, dressed up as Ice Princess from Batman!
I wonder what sort of ‘hanging out’ they would be doing in this episode~ fufu

I couldn’t decide how I wanted to do her top piece so I went with how it was lined/approved, then one with more style and effects.

Erza’s Treat

Another Halloween commission! I love the way this one turned out, the file is a lot bigger so I feel all the lines came out so much more crisp.
This expression really suits her, I’m sure everyone who comes for some “candy” would agree! Glad she has that gag though, she might bite.