Wii Fit Trainer

Really enjoyed working on this one because of the pose and ropes! I wanted to do a bondage of her in her normal pose and this worked out amazingly. Love the annoyed expression as if she is saying “this isn’t how you hold a pose in yoga!” Took some different idea cues for the naughty version from my friends, and love how it came out! ;D

Hope you all like it too!

Trixie’s Capture of Rarity and Derpy

The last thing Spike viewed in the room was Rarity being toyed with by Derpy!
Uhoh, seems Derpy Hooves isn’t quite herself though, what did Trixie do?!

The last of the series, I hope you all enjoyed it! <3
it was definitely challenging, but they came out really well!

All of the pony designs were from my original deviation from yeaaars back
And then I was allowed to create Derpy and Trixie in my own way as well!


Camile got captured, and taken to someone’s house
seems this person really didn’t want her to get away
going so far as to enchant the ropes to keep her there!
She doesn’t seem too concerned though..

Tenten’s Defeat

A newer episode of Naruto came out, but it seems to be different than the show I used to watch!
[After the time skip, so they’re older!]

It was a rematch of Tenten vs Temari, and no surprise but Temari came out on top.
Gaara stepped in to help with a sand wall to show off the defeated Tenten, 
Though Temari isn’t done with her yet….

Her outfit got all ripped up in the fight, I think Temari did it on purpose