Tifa Lockhart Bondage

This one was of the sponsored sketches I had available, and I am so happy I was able to finish it!
I really like the gloves matching her fighting gauntlets, and the materia being attached to her and the gag~

I decided to have a version with and without the background, and then one with different colored materia <3 just for fun! Such a shame she has summon materia and can’t even do anything to summon them ahahaha.

Cafe Mei

I loved this skin for the recent Overwatch Event! I am always excited to see the new outfits and looks everyone gets. I know there was Schoolgirl D.VA but lets be honest CAFE MEI IS WHERE IT’S AT!!

Caught Together

Looks like Kairi got herself captured, and dragged in her alternate persona’s with her!

Poor Kairi, Namine, and Xion are all tied together, guess they gotta wait for Sora to come rescue them!

Aqua Tentacles

Poor Aqua can’t catch a break, in the dark realm for so long, there must’ve been some bad circumstances now and then! She tries to defend herself and handle the Heartless, just for them to go and tell their older brother to get some revenge for being a bully.

Don’t be a bully, Aqua.

Sword&Shield Pokemon Trainer

When I saw her in the trailer I thought she was so cute! So I had to draw her~

I am probably gonna go for Scorbunny unless it turns out to be a fire/fighting..

Otherwise, Sobble train~~


Decided to draw everyone’s fav milf from Smash as well! Once again, one of the recommended people to draw when I asked for suggestions of Smash girls.

She is spinning her staff so often, figured this pole dancer-ish pose would work well for her. Hope you guys like how it came out! Since she is older, I thought it would be cute to put on a schoolgirl swimsuit, and then a more appropriate sexier one, haha.

Wii Fit Trainer

Really enjoyed working on this one because of the pose and ropes! I wanted to do a bondage of her in her normal pose and this worked out amazingly. Love the annoyed expression as if she is saying “this isn’t how you hold a pose in yoga!” Took some different idea cues for the naughty version from my friends, and love how it came out! ;D

Hope you all like it too!

KDA – Akali

This song was stuck in my head for so long when it came out!
It had such great animations, and just like everyone else, I loved Akali’s bit the most.

But we cannot deny, without her jacket.. she looks like a Pokemon GO Trainer, pfffftt

This is a big set! But I like how they each came out <3 I think the 3 different versions of each 3 outfits is worth it.

Miraculous Ladybug!

Another fun fanart after binge-ing season 2 over the holiday break
I was so sad when I finished it… after 2 days… of non-stop watching

I wanted to keep the fun times goin, and drew Ladybug in one of her new transformations!
I sort of regret doing her water form.. all those scales.. rip me
But I love how it came out~! <3 Bubblesssss