Decided to draw everyone’s fav milf from Smash as well! Once again, one of the recommended people to draw when I asked for suggestions of Smash girls.

She is spinning her staff so often, figured this pole dancer-ish pose would work well for her. Hope you guys like how it came out! Since she is older, I thought it would be cute to put on a schoolgirl swimsuit, and then a more appropriate sexier one, haha.

Wii Fit Trainer

Really enjoyed working on this one because of the pose and ropes! I wanted to do a bondage of her in her normal pose and this worked out amazingly. Love the annoyed expression as if she is saying “this isn’t how you hold a pose in yoga!” Took some different idea cues for the naughty version from my friends, and love how it came out! ;D

Hope you all like it too!

KDA – Akali

This song was stuck in my head for so long when it came out!
It had such great animations, and just like everyone else, I loved Akali’s bit the most.

But we cannot deny, without her jacket.. she looks like a Pokemon GO Trainer, pfffftt

This is a big set! But I like how they each came out <3 I think the 3 different versions of each 3 outfits is worth it.

Miraculous Ladybug!

Another fun fanart after binge-ing season 2 over the holiday break
I was so sad when I finished it… after 2 days… of non-stop watching

I wanted to keep the fun times goin, and drew Ladybug in one of her new transformations!
I sort of regret doing her water form.. all those scales.. rip me
But I love how it came out~! <3 Bubblesssss

Kingdom Hearts – Aqua

So to start off the year right, and with just having fun and drawing what I like – I decided to get hyped with Kingdom Hearts 3 coming out, and draw everyone’s favorite Bae, Aqua~

But with that surprise reveal, I couldn’t help myself and gave her an extra version.

I’m super proud of this one, because I am really not used to drawing for myself. But this is all me from conception to final result, and I am usually terrible with coming up with unique backgrounds but this one just sort of flowed out! I really like how it turned out and I hope everyone else likes it too <3