Mirrored Reflections

My OC Kurai can dress up in a bunch of different styles, and while these days I give her short hair, she did start out with long hair!

This is just a cute representation of a more studious version of her vs a more punk version of her, since I like to dress her either way.

This originally was going to be drawn solely on Clip Studio, however, I had to use my default/main/go-to program of SAI because my old tablet just simply wasn’t allowing me to use it. It was giving any program that wasn’t SAI, a bunch of issues, especially with my duo monitor setup. It was lame, but now that I have a new tablet, I can actually use Clip Studio just fine it seems!! 😮 So maybe I’ll try to experiment in that program soon. For now, trusty SAI it is!!

But because of all those problems, this is actually an old sketch from last year, but decided I wanted to finish it regardless of the issues I was having and just finished in SAI. Hope you guys missed Kurai! Because I know I missed drawing her, haha.

Sword&Shield Pokemon Trainer

When I saw her in the trailer I thought she was so cute! So I had to draw her~

I am probably gonna go for Scorbunny unless it turns out to be a fire/fighting..

Otherwise, Sobble train~~

Re-draw: Red Kimono

2009vs2019 am I right?!~

I’ve had this file randomly saved because it was a really cute looking picture I did way back when I was first doing digital art. I had always told myself I would redraw it one day, and well I guess that day finally came, SO MANY YEARS LATER oops.

It’s really nice to see the comparison, it makes me super happy to SEE the improvement from all this time spent working on art. I know I am not the best, but I am still learning and trying my best with each pic <3

Miraculous Ladybug!

Another fun fanart after binge-ing season 2 over the holiday break
I was so sad when I finished it… after 2 days… of non-stop watching

I wanted to keep the fun times goin, and drew Ladybug in one of her new transformations!
I sort of regret doing her water form.. all those scales.. rip me
But I love how it came out~! <3 Bubblesssss

Kingdom Hearts – Aqua

So to start off the year right, and with just having fun and drawing what I like – I decided to get hyped with Kingdom Hearts 3 coming out, and draw everyone’s favorite Bae, Aqua~

But with that surprise reveal, I couldn’t help myself and gave her an extra version.

I’m super proud of this one, because I am really not used to drawing for myself. But this is all me from conception to final result, and I am usually terrible with coming up with unique backgrounds but this one just sort of flowed out! I really like how it turned out and I hope everyone else likes it too <3