Mermaid Puns are the Best

Decided to get out of my bubble a little, and decided to collab with someone I met in an art Discord server!
I was already planning on doing this picture for MerMay, so I figured why not? n.n

So I finished my sketch, and he did the lines, and chose the colors, and I shaded them!
It was interesting working with a different type of linework and different colors then I would’ve chosen, 
I even tried to change the brush settings I used to try to fit the style a little more!
~it was fun~

Hope you guys like it! And love my pun <3 cause.. I love puns… hehe


Mero from Monster Musume as part of the YCH I had for MerMay!
Who better to draw in the month of May than Mero?!

Faye Locked in a Cabin

Faye from Fire Emblem: Echoes!!
Someone kidnapped her and put her in a cabin, let’s hope they don’t forget about her!
They gagged her to keep her quiet while they’re probably out catching another “lucky lady”