Teacher’s Pets

-backstory given by commissioner:
The Tenshen Chugui Imperial Academy is an all girls school in the Imperial Capital of Zhongjing meant to educate the future leaders of the world. However, it’s also notoriously famous for the amount of lesbian and kinky hijinks that occur with so many young and powerful women all crammed together in one space.

Two of the students, the wealthy heiress, Lilja Trevaine, and the Princess of the Principality of Helconia, Cvet Helconia, are two such. Lilja has often lusted for Cvet, after all, power is the best aphrodisiac. Unfortunately for the pair of them, they have an unexpected visitor. The retired Empress Mother Kenai Sou has arrived to inspect the academy for herself. A highly capable ruler when she was in power, she was also a notorious nymphomaniac who was more than willing to use her sexuality to get what she wanted. Even now in her older age, she’s just as eager to teach the now terrified Lilja and Cvet in the intricate art of bondage domination!