Commission of Agatha from Pokemon!
It was interesting drawing a character from Pokemon I hadn’t drawn before, but I am very happy with the outcome! I love her witchy costume, and the fact she was ‘using potions’ on herself to look younger and more spry~ It’s a shame she was caught!

AC:NH Xeri Villager

A friend of mine wanted their villager drawn, and wanted some color tweaks to make her #justright 
I am really happy with how her curls came out, and she def looks smug ;D ;D

Rhea Witch

Finished YCH Commission of Rhea from Fire Emblem: Heroes!

Who knows what that potion is, could be a healing one, or a sleeping one, or a potion of life, who knows!
She seems too sweet to do anything too wicked with it, just look at that smile~

Dragalia Sphere

Fufu, clever title is clever! ;D

This is a commission mixing the ladies from Dragalia Lost and Halja from Odin’s Sphere!

Here he is taking away Rena and Ramona, then Cleo and Mym!

Namine and Xion v2

Surprisingly enough, someone commissioned me to do the other nude/gagged version of these girls! I hope you all like it! Now it seems every version is finished n.n

So I am going to call this fanart finished! Aha. Thank you all for the support! It was fun and interesting to do these extra ones though I didn’t originally plan on it.

Namine and Xion

I was commissioned to draw these next 2 followups of the girls from the Kairi fanart I made!

I really like how it turned out ^o^ now you all get to see the other girls <3

Trixie’s Capture of Rarity and Derpy

The last thing Spike viewed in the room was Rarity being toyed with by Derpy!
Uhoh, seems Derpy Hooves isn’t quite herself though, what did Trixie do?!

The last of the series, I hope you all enjoyed it! <3
it was definitely challenging, but they came out really well!

All of the pony designs were from my original deviation from yeaaars back
And then I was allowed to create Derpy and Trixie in my own way as well!