New Year, More Art!

For 2019, I am going to be drawing a lot more FANART and my OCs! It’s something I always want to do, but never quite have the chance to do inbetween everything else. So this year I am going to do less commissions, and more art for myself instead.

I also want to post more on Twitter! I was already posting WIPs and such, but I want to post more finished pieces there as well. Just for easier re-tweeting and the like.

I am still going to be posting on DeviantArt, so no worries there! Just less commissions. However definitely keep an eye out for if I ever post a few random commission slots, or YCHs! Since I still enjoy doing those as well =D

I appreciate any and all support you guys give me! Be it retweets, favs, or even being super awesome and sending monetary support via places like Ko-fi!

Drawing is what I do for a living, so I am definitely taking a hit by not accepting as many commissions. But I was getting really burnt out by the end of 2018, and it’s an effort in order to have more fun with my art again <3 I can’t wait to draw all the things! o`u o

Keep a lookout on Twitter and DeviantArt for posts asking for fanart requests for ideas!

New Site is LIVE

Sorry for the wait, everyone!

It took a while to find something I liked and worked well with my artflow.

I archive my art yearly so I didn’t have my full backlog to re-upload. However I did manage to re-upload all of my art from 2018!

Here is to looking forward to a bright 2019+ <3